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Arusha Luxury Shuttle is a company with a fully integrated motto into our daily business. We believe and strive to make sure that we are a company with “total customer satisfaction”. We are based at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi City Center and in Arusha (Tanzania).

The pillar that supports our philosophy is our staff. The tour consultants have many years of experience and are specialised in Kenya and Tanzania. The staff speak English as to fully understand our customer needs.

An important business property that we value is diversity; hence customers can find all their travel needs under one roof, such as Hotel reservations, Short excursions, Camping and lodge safaris, Mountaineering, Beach holidays, Transfers, Shuttle services, Car hire, Air ticketing to domestic, regional and international destinations, Meet and greet service at all major airports within East-Africa.

In addition to the above, we arrange; conferences, weddings and special interest tours. However if one of our standard packages doesn’t fit, a personalized tour package can be assembled with our consultants.

Since Kenya is gifted with an incredible amount and multiplicity of wildlife species and splendid locations for leisure, we can present many different holidays. Nevertheless we try to innovate our offer.

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